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Beautiful Brooch with green and clear rhinestones set in a gold tone metal. The brooch measures 2 1/2″ long x 1 1/4″. The clear rhinestones are set pave style, while the three emerald green stones are prong set and are faceted stones.

McClelland Barclay was best known for his artwork in Hollywood and for General Motors. He came up with the “Fisher Body Girl” and several posters for the government for the war. His jewelry company was a short lived business from 1930-42. He was called to action during WWII and his ship was torpedoed and his untimely death imminent.

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Stunning Juliana Brooch and earring set.  There is a combination of blue and green stones that are sculpted to look like leaves.  Others are navettes.  All are in a dog toothed  prong setting.  A few stones have an aura borealis finish and there is a small cluster of clear rhinestones too.  The back is rhodium plated.

The brooch is sizable and measures 3″.  The larger stones are covered on the back, but the navettes are all open to let the light in.  

Earrings are a clip style and have lots of “spring” left! They measure approx. 1 1/2″.

Set 160.00



Vintage White Beaded Floral Purse

This amazing hand bag is in great condition with no damage at all.  Micro tiny beads too.  The floral pattern is on both sides.  What gives the flowers their colors is the colored thread through clear beads.  The workmanship is absolutely amazing on this purse. The handle has gold tones on the underside and closes very tightly.  Sweet scalloped edge on it to finish it off. 

The purse measures 10″ long and almost 7″ tall with out the handle.  Inside is lined in white satin and their is a tag:  “Made in Hong Kong”.  Super clean with no stains.



Vintage Wicker and Shell 1950’s Purse.  

Made by Princess Charming Hollywood Florida, this 1950’s wicker handbag is in great condition.  Wicker on the outside with the shells arranged under plastic along with a couple seahorses swimming by.  The outside has brass tone accents with a lucite frame.  The inside has 3 compartments, one is zippered.  Super clean and in amazing shape!

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Vintage Sweet Small Leather Purse ~~ Supreme

Super nice small leather hand bag that is in great condition with no damage.  Gold tone accents for the clasp in the front.  The bottom measures 9 1/2″ long and 1 1/2″ wide.  With out the handle it is 6″ tall.  All stitched and in amazing condition!/  Inside has one zipper pocket and is lined in leather also.  Marked on the inside:  “Supreme”.  Handle measures 12″.

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Vintage Spring Green Purse with Lucite Handle

Sweet handbag with a nice light green fabric base and lucite handle.  This purse measures 10″ at the base and stands 8″ with out the handle.  The handle is in nice condition with no damage.  The inside of the purse is lined in cloth with a few stains at the bottom.  Clasp style closure at the top in gold tones.  Outside of this purse is very clean with no stains or rips.



1940’s Art Deco Designed Purse Corde Handbag

 Very unusual purse but in amazing condition.  This purse is a Corde Purse.  They were created by using rows of gimp in unique geometric shapes and swirl patterns.  In the 1940’s they were advertised as the longest wearing of all the fabric bags.  Looking and feeling the material I believe it! There is no damage to this particular purse, it almost appears to have never been used!.  It is a triangle shape, so measuring will be a bit tricky.  Also the zipper is on the side.  Bit strange but defiantly something that sets it apart from any handbag that I have seen.

The colors are dark navy blue, yellow, dark green, and orange.  The inside is cloth lined and there is a small side pocket on the inside.  The base of the purse measures 13″ long, it is 10″ tall (without handle).  The handle measures 6″.  Great condition with no stains or damage.  

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Sold ItemsVintage Pink & Black Beaded Purse

How much fun is this pretty purse!  Bright and vivid pink flowers with a variety of bright and vibrant colors.  

All hand beaded and in really nice condition.  There are a few worn spots, but you can hardly see them.  The purse measures 10″  x 6″ and the handle measures about 18″.  There is no tag on the inside indicating a maker.  The inside is lined with black cloth and also has a small side pocket with a zipper.  

Very basic style purse with flap that closes over and a snap that snaps.  Pink flowers with yellow and a multi-colored beads around them.  Super green and yellow leaves.  There are two spots that I see where the beads are wearing.  The bottom left corner (on the side) has a row of about 10 micro beads missing.  The inside of the handle has a few missing too.  These are hardly noticeable, but should be addressed before it gets worse. The background is all black.  Super sweet purse and very happy!



Marcel Boucher Sterling Silver Brooch

Art-Deco style brooch made by Marcel  Boucher.  This pretty pin is made of sterling silver and has an aqua and yellow “diamond” beveled cut stones.  This brooch measures 3″ long.  Signed on the back:  “MB” and “sterling”.  

The aqua or turquoise colored stone has a tiny chip off the top edge.  This is hardly noticeable, but always worth mentioning.  This stones are both prong set and are open on the back so that the light shines through.  

Not many of Boucher’s pieces are around.  His career started out in Paris working for Cartier.  In 1937 he formed his own company Boucher et Cie in New York.  




Miriam Haskell Gray Baroque Pearl Bracelet

 Lovely two-strand baroque bracelet by Miriam Haskell.  This measures 7″ in length.  One stander has slightly larger pearls.  Each pearl has a bead or spacer in-between.  The finish on the pearls is in great condition with very minimal wear.  The clasp is a larger pearl, measuring 3/4″ in diameter with a prong set setting.  Back of clasp is marked with oval circle “Miriam Haskell”.  

Great color, gray (grey), but a light color, with silver tones to it.