1914 Mahogany Bedroom Set S & B Preferred Furniture Benton Harbor Michigan

1914 S & B Preferred Furniture of Benton Harbor Michigan made this marvelous mahogany set.  This bedroom outfit consists of two dressers (both have mirrors) and a full size (double) four poster bed.  These pieces are marked on the inside of the dresser drawer:  “S&B Furniture Benton Harbor Michigan”.

The dresser drawers all have key holes and lock.  Each drawer also has “dust covers” indicating a well made piece of furniture.  All of the drawers on both dressers open and close with ease.  A personally must for us!

The tallest dresser measures:  36″ wide and 20″ deep  Without mirror it stands 50″ and with 73″.  The second dresser measures:  50″ wide and 24″ deep.  Without mirror 33 1/2″ and 72″ with.

Each mirror that is for the dressers, fits uniquily on the top.  They actually slide in from the back and have metal gear like mechanisms that you turn to tighten.

The double bed has some minor scuffs on it in the normal places (like were the mattress was).  The four poster actually come off and are only “pegged” in.

This set is in very good condition with minor wear.  None of these pieces have been stripped and refinished except for the shorter dresser.  The piece has had ONLY the top part refinished.

Priced at $800.00This item sold