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Wow! It’s all here. A complete signed set of Weiss Jewelry. Brooch, clip earrings, bracelet, and necklace. It is all in amazing condition. I don’t think it was ever worn, how unfortunate! All the faceted rhinestones are all prong set. The larger round rhinestones are multi prong set or “dog-toothed”. They don’t even set diamonds this way!
The necklace has a rolled mesh edge with prong set rhinestones along side it. This necklace could be worn either way. The rhinestones on top or bottom. The necklace measures 15 1/4″.
The bracelet measures 6 1/2″ long. The purple prong set stones are along the outer edge and the center has larger round faceted dog-toothed stones. In between is gold tone metal. 
The earrings are a “button style” measuring 1 1/8″. The center stone is purple and surrounded with a fushia and purple colored rhinestones. The earrings are clips. They work well and not loose at all.
The brooch is a circle and measures 1 1/2″ in diameter. The pattern repeats with the dog-toothed faceted stones and gold mesh.
All pieces are signed and show no signs of wear. The gold is all in amazing condition.



Another amazing piece of jewelry from Hobe. The original Hobe’ Cie was founded in Paris in 1887. This family tradition of making jewelry was brought to the States in the 1920’s. They were a major supplier of pieces for the theater and film during the 1940’s and 1950’s.
This necklace and earring set is in great condition with no damage or “dead” stones. The necklace and earrings are all marked: “Hobe”. 
The necklace is four strands with cream colored beads that have gold flecks in them. They are spaced apart by an aura borealis crystal. Each strand is on a chain, not wire or string. This is a great indication of the craftsmanship. There are also cream colored pearls or beads. The “pendant” part of this necklace has prong set beige navette rhinestones with square aura borealis ones in-between. Quite stunning! This does sit on the side and not dead center, very avant guard! The necklace measures 17″ and is on an adjustable type clasp.
The earrings are clip and a “button” style measuring 1 1/4″. The center of the earring is the cream colored bead with the gold flecks. Surrounding that are pearls with aura borealis rhinestones sticking out of the center. The outside of the earring has a scalloped edge of prong set aura borealis stones.

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Vintage Amourelle Necklace and Earring Set. Amourelle was a division of Kramer Jewelry Creations New York. Frank Hess of Miriam Haskell fame formed this collaboration with Kramer in 1963. Very few pieces are around as the partnership only lasted a few years.
The necklace has a large pendant that measures 1 3/4″ in diameter. The chain is 17″ long. The detail to this is outstanding! The gold tone metal has a blue and white enamel flower in-between each link. This blue and white enameling carries on with the pendant, along with green, red, purple, and one larger amber rhinestone. The amber colored rhinestone is raised in the center and white seed pearls surround it. 
The earrings are very similar to the pendant. There is the one larger amber rhinestone in center surrounded by the pearls. The rhinestone above are purple and green. These are clip style earrings.
The earrings are marked: “Made in Western Germany” on the clip. The pendant has the heart shaped plaque that reads: “Amourelle”.

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Two-tone purple vintage jewelry set.  Wonderful craftsmanship with all prong set stones.  the light lavender stones are square and the amethyst stones are “emerald cut”.  Gold tone backing, no mark.

The necklace is 14 1/2″ long with a 2″ drop in the center. Lovely two layered design gives this a great look!

The bracelet measures 7″ long with fold over style clasp.

Earrings are a screw back and do have a bit of a dangle.  They hang 1 1/2″.

Set 175.00

IMG_0725 IMG_0726IMG_0727IMG_0728

Super sweet and stylish silver necklace, bracelet and pin/brooch set.  All pieces marked in various places.  The detail to the craftsmanship is amazing.  The aqua or turquoise beads are all hand wired in and part of the wire design on the front.  The silver has a two leaves with a single flower, in the center of the flower the blue bead.  This is followed by a “Cuban link chain”.  It is a standard cable chain with oval shaped links that resemble rope.  

The necklace has 3 pendant pieces the center being the largest and measures 1 1/4″ and the two beside it measuring 1″.  The total length of the necklace is 18 1/2″.  It has a “hook” style clasp.

The bracelet is made of similar construction on a smaller scale.  The three pendants in the center are all linked to gather (top and bottom).  The largest measures 1″ and the two on either side is 3/4″.  The total length is 7 1/2″ long.  

IMG_0701800silvernecklace.jpgIMG_0703IMG_0704The brooch or pin measures 1 1/4″ in diameter.  The clasp is hinged and also a “push-in” style.

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Alice Caviness began making jewelry after WWII, the company was based out of Long Island New York.  All of her pieces are characterized by the use of high-quality materials, i.e. crystal stones of unusual colors.  

This 4 strand necklace is a graduated with the shortest length being 15 1/2″ and the longest is 18 1/2″.  These gold tone beads are separated with an aqua or turquoise colored bead that is also trimmed in gold.  The clasp is very decorative and would be a shame to hide behind your neck!  

The earrings are clip style and are approx. 1″ in diameter.  

All pieces are marked:  “Alice Caviness”

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Sander was a small jewelry company founded in 1938 and spanning to 1972.  Their jewelry was usually delicate floral type pieces.  They like to use a lot of enameling in their decoration as well.  It is known for their craftsmanship and artistry.  Sold Items

This parure of jewelry consists of necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  A construction of blue glass beads and blue enameled leaves is the motif for this lovely set.  The necklace measures 16″ long and is adjustable.  It is 3 strands with gold tone beads in between each bead.  The center has a enameled leaf with a  large blue rhinestone surrounded by 5 clear ones.  

The bracelet has a 5 strands of blue glass faceted beads with blue enameled flowers in the center and on the ends.  This measures 7″ long.  The little blue flowers have clear rhinestones in the center and sparkle like the sun!

The earrings are a clip style and again have the blue enameled leaf on gold tone base with a large blue rhinestone in center.

All pieces are marked:  “Sandor”

$175.00 set



Hollycraft Jewelry was founded in 1938 and is always signed and dated.  They got their start in the jewelry business renting jewelry to the movies and movies starts.  Their best known for their Christmas pins and colorful and intricate designs.  Bright and vivid  stones, that have many facets and are quite an eye catcher.

This necklace is quite stunning with its large impressive stones and the variety of shapes and colors that make up this piece.  The necklace measures 16″ long with a large cluster of pastel stones, surround one rather large purple one.  Below this cluster is a “emerald-cut” style purple stone.  The movement gives this necklace a nice dimensional look as you move.

There are a lot of amazing colors that make up this necklace.  Pale purple, pinks, baby blue, soft yellow, light lime green, periwinkle, and turquoise.  too have so many colors come to gather is quite a bold statement, but it all looks stunning.

The clasp is adjustable and is has four different color stones on one of the ends.  This is the kind of detail that Hollycraft was known for.

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Hollycraft Jewelry was founded in 1938 and is always signed and dated.  They got their start in the jewelry business renting jewelry to the movies and movies starts.  Their best known for their Christmas pins and colorful and intricate designs.  Bright and vivid  stones, that have many facets and are quite an eye catcher.

This wonderful bib style necklace is no different!  It has a 16 1/2″ length and a 2″ drop at the center that gradually comes together with a gold tone chain.  There are many colors in this lovely creation.  Pinks, greens, purples, and blues. in different shades that are just spectacular.  The clasp has a pink stone on one end and a blue on the other.  Detail down to the clasp!

The earrings are a dangle clip and have a drop of 1 1/2″.  All the same lovely pastel colors that are on the necklace follow through with the earrings.  

Both pieces are signed and dated Hollycraft 1950.  No missing stones and in amazing condition.

$350.00 set


Beautiful Bogoff Full Parure 

Necklace, Bracelet, & Earrings

Rhodium plated with aquamarine and clear rhinestones.  Necklace measures 14 1/2″, bracelet is 7″ with a safely clasp, earrings are clip style and hang 1 1/4″.  All stones are present and sparkle like the day it was made.

C1950 Based in Chicago. Bogoff made elegant and interesting costume jewelry that imitated high cost designer jewelry.  Crafted from good quality materials the pieces usually had rhodium backings and hand set stones.