Pretty pink and white lazy susan made by Hull Pottery in the 1950-60’s.  The sweet retro turntable has four dishes surrounding a middle covered dish that all sit atop a turntable that spins.  Great condition with no cracks or chips.  The turntable is wooden.  Marked on each piece is “Made in USA”.  Priced at 25.00


Sold Items1948 McCoy double tulip vase that stands 8 1/4″ tall.  This vase has a matte finish with soft greens and just a tinge of a pale pink on top of the tulips.  Marked with the “McCoy” stamp on the base.  Priced at 68.00 USD


Gorgeous piece of Roseville pottery in the White Rose pattern that was produced in 1940.  This Jardiniere stands 10 1/2″ tall and is 15 1/2″ in diameter (counting the handles).  Beautiful blue pottery with white roses on each side.  Bottom is marked:  ” Roseville USA 653-10″.  Great condition with no cracks or chips.  Priced at 475.00 USD


This is a three piece set produced by the Hull Pottery Company in 1955.  They call this pattern “Blossom Flite”.  Pretty pale pink outside with purple, orange, and pink flowers.  The inside is a darker pink.  The console bowl measures 16 1/2″ long and stands almost 7″ tall.  The candle holders have an oval base with a finger loop, the base measures 5 1/4″.  All these pieces have a high gloss glaze and are in great condition with no cracks or chips.