1940’s Art Deco Corde Purse Handbag Colorful Geometric Pattern

1940’s Art Deco Designed Purse Corde Handbag

 Very unusual purse but in amazing condition.  This purse is a Corde Purse.  They were created by using rows of gimp in unique geometric shapes and swirl patterns.  In the 1940’s they were advertised as the longest wearing of all the fabric bags.  Looking and feeling the material I believe it! There is no damage to this particular purse, it almost appears to have never been used!.  It is a triangle shape, so measuring will be a bit tricky.  Also the zipper is on the side.  Bit strange but defiantly something that sets it apart from any handbag that I have seen.

The colors are dark navy blue, yellow, dark green, and orange.  The inside is cloth lined and there is a small side pocket on the inside.  The base of the purse measures 13″ long, it is 10″ tall (without handle).  The handle measures 6″.  Great condition with no stains or damage.  

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