1950 Hollycraft Scatter Pins

Hollycraft Jewelry was founded in 1938 and is always signed and dated.  They got their start in the jewelry business renting jewelry to the movies and movies starts.  Their best known for their Christmas pins and colorful and intricate designs.  Bright and vivid  stones, that have many facets and are quite an eye catcher.

Most jewelry companies made smaller pins or brooches.  A lot of ladies would buy two or even three brooches to put together calling them scatter pins.  We have two such pins here.  We are giving the option of buying them together or separate.  Both possess the fabulous pastel colors that make up Hollycraft jewelry set in gilt gold setting.  the various sizes, shapes, and colors is always an appeal.  

The larger brooch is 1 3/4″ long $55.00

The smaller brooch is 1 1/4″ long $40.00

Special price together $80.00