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Really nice round Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Table with a Leather Top.  This table has 2 drawers  and 2 false drawer.  The table itself stands 28″ tall and measures 28″ in diameter.  The leather top is in great condition.  The leather top is trimmed in with a gold wreath around the edge. All the hardware is intact including the brass covers for the legs.  Priced at 225.00  Sold Items


Wonderful Walnut Gate Leg Table.  This is the type of table that has a lot of uses.  Great for an entryway or hallway when sides are down or extend it to its full size and use it that way.  This table measures 32″ long x 29″ tall x 12″ deep.  When it is extended it measures 42″ x 32″.  The legs are spindle style and really add nice detail to this table.Sold Items


Another wonderful creation by local artist Jeannine DeLong.  This fabulous flamingo is bright and colorful and sure to please the eye!  Our fair feathered friend stands 39″ tall.  He is covered in head to toe with vintage costume jewelry. His long legs are all pearls.  Such rich and vibrant colors, it makes you smile every time you look at it.  

Photo’s courtesy of Cathy Boaz at Static Photography of Brighton, Michigan.  

Priced at 450.00Sold Items


     Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry High Heel Display.  There is a wide assortment of antique costume jewelry on this amazing piece.  Super shiny and very sparky, this could be any girls favorite shoe!  The back and front are completely covered in vintage jewelry.    There are a lot of pearls and rhinestones strategically placed in a darling display!  The top part of the shoe has small “shelves” to display anything you like.  Arranged only in the way that local artist Jeannine Delong can do!

This measures 25″ long and stands 16″ tall.  

Photo’s courtesy of Cathy Boaz of Static Photography in Brighton, Michigan. 


     Are you ready for this??  This dress form is completely covered with vintage jewelry, front and back!  There is lots of rhinestones in a wide variety of colors and many other vintage pieces.  These are all attached permanently.  There is not an empty spot anywhere.  Mixed with silver and gold tones, this is sure to  grab some attention!  This marvelous mannequin has a metal base and stands almost 5′ tall!  

     This was a vision of local artist Jeannine DeLong.  To see more of her fantastic art, check it out on our site!  Photo’s courtesy of Cathy Boaz at Static Photography of Brighton, Michigan.

Priced at 1600.00


Service for 4 Fire King’s  “Charm” pattern in forest green.  This is a great set of great green glassware.  The theme of the dishes are a square pattern. These lovely glass dishes are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips.   This set consists of 38 pieces.  This service for four includes the following:

  •  Dinner Plate 9 1/4″ 
  •  Luncheon Plate 8 3/8″
  •  Salad Plate 6 5/8″
  • Dessert Bowl 4 3/4″
  • Cups & Saucers
  • Soup Bowl 6″
  • 2- Platters 11″ x 8″
  • 2- Serving Bowls 7 1/2″
  • 4- Tumblers 4 1/2″ tall

This charm pattern was produced from 1950-56.   These pieces were not marked on the glass but rather had stickers.  This service is 250.00



Sold Items