Gorgeous Green Stain Glass Window

 Just in a gorgeous green stain glass measuring 22" x 29".  This  amber hammered glass background, terrific hand bevel oval in the center, with a green/white ripple glass border. All the glass is in excellent condition with no cracks or damage.  The lead has also been reinforced so there is no sag in the glass.  Such an unusual color there are three different shades of green.  This was in an old house, hence the wooden frame.  This can be hung either way, vertically, like we have it or sideways like a transom window.  Priced at 395.00.

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Antique Hardware Purple, Swirl, and Facet DoorKnobs

Just a small example of some different doorknobs we have.  There are four sets here in different patterns and a few that are purple.  This purple comes from an older glass knob that has seen the sunlight for years and years.  There is a chemical reaction that happens from the sun and the lead in the glass.   There are several pattern, sizes, and shapes of glass doorknobs.  Most of these can also be used in the doors today.  

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Antique Manchester Transom Stain Glass Window

Super Sweet Manchester Transom Stain Glass Window.  This lovely antique stain glass has 5 roundels set in a textured transparent glass.  There is a lovely color palate of pinks, greens, purples, and yellows.   All the glass is in great condition with no cracks or chips.  The lead is all tight with no sag.  This piece measures 24" x 14".  Priced at 250.00 USD  

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