Kramer Full Parure Turquoise & Gold w/ original tags

Gorgeous Kramer full parure set.  This includes:  Necklace, bracelet, brooch, and earrings.   

Lots of detail to this lovely set.  The necklace has gorgeous gold leaves in the center between the beads and gold spacers in between each bead at the end.  this necklace measures 17″ long and is adjustable.  There are a group of 4 beads attached to the first row that hang down in the center part.  Really nice movement to this piece.  The bracelet follows the same pattern and measures 7″ long.  the earrings are a clip style and have the gold leaf on the back with a group of beads cluster together and also have a bit of movement.  The brooch is 3″ long and has lots of moving beads too!  Just a really fun set for summer!  

Original tags on this set too.  I bet it was never worn by the looks of it.