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This is such a great piece of furniture!  Made out of  Oak this barrister cabinet is in great condition with no damage.  All the original glass is still intact and has the “wave” to it.  Each of these shelves has a label on the inside.  “Global Wernicke   pattern 312 grade 998 1/2”.  These shelves are graduated, the two at the bottom are slightly larger.  All the glass shelves move with ease and slide on top to expose the inside.

This is a true mission style bookshelf, sometimes called a “Lawyers book case” or “Lawyers bookshelf”.  All the hardware is original.  The bottom has a drawer, which we don’t see a lot.  In case you are not familiar with this style of shelf, it all breaks down.  That means that each shelf is its own.  There is a “caper” at the top and the “base” at the bottom.  When broke down there are 7  pieces.  This stands 79″ tall x 34 1/2″ wide x 11 1/4″ deep.

Price 1200.00