Radient Red McClelland Barclay Gold-tone Necklace

Another great example of McClelland  Barclay Jewelry.  This lovely necklace measures 11 1/2″ total length.  The pendant has 3 red faceted rhinestones that are surrounded by clear rhinestones in an art deco style.

The gold finish is in really nice condition, with very minimal wear.  All the stones are present and have lots of shine to them.  The chain is an individual link construction that is attached  to a small pendant and that also has the larger pendant hanging from it.  Marked on the back:  “McClelland Barclay”.

McClelland Barclay was best known for his artwork in Hollywood and for General Motors.  He came up with the “Fisher Body Girl” and several posters for the government for the war.  His jewelry company was a short lived business from 1930-42.  He was called to action during WWII and his ship was torpedoed and his untimely death imminent.