1900’s Cast Iron Deco Bathtub

This item soldThis Cast Iron bathtub is in amazing condition and a rare shape!  There is no rust or holes anywhere on this tub.  The enamel is in great condition with no damage as well.  The legs are attached to the tub and have no damage either.  We have never seen a tub that is “squared-off” like this around the edges.

The great thing about these old cast iron tubs is that they keep your water HOT!  You can soak forever!

This tub measures 5′ long x 31 1/2″ wide (outside measures).  The flat edge rim that goes around the side is 4″ wide with a nice rolled edge.  This particular tub has the legs that are attached.  They measure 5″ tall.  They have a “graduated” type design to them.

IMG_2623 IMG_2606