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Another amazing piece of jewelry from Hobe. The original Hobe’ Cie was founded in Paris in 1887. This family tradition of making jewelry was brought to the States in the 1920’s. They were a major supplier of pieces for the theater and film during the 1940’s and 1950’s.
This necklace and earring set is in great condition with no damage or “dead” stones. The necklace and earrings are all marked: “Hobe”. 
The necklace is four strands with cream colored beads that have gold flecks in them. They are spaced apart by an aura borealis crystal. Each strand is on a chain, not wire or string. This is a great indication of the craftsmanship. There are also cream colored pearls or beads. The “pendant” part of this necklace has prong set beige navette rhinestones with square aura borealis ones in-between. Quite stunning! This does sit on the side and not dead center, very avant guard! The necklace measures 17″ and is on an adjustable type clasp.
The earrings are clip and a “button” style measuring 1 1/4″. The center of the earring is the cream colored bead with the gold flecks. Surrounding that are pearls with aura borealis rhinestones sticking out of the center. The outside of the earring has a scalloped edge of prong set aura borealis stones.

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Vintage Amourelle Necklace and Earring Set. Amourelle was a division of Kramer Jewelry Creations New York. Frank Hess of Miriam Haskell fame formed this collaboration with Kramer in 1963. Very few pieces are around as the partnership only lasted a few years.
The necklace has a large pendant that measures 1 3/4″ in diameter. The chain is 17″ long. The detail to this is outstanding! The gold tone metal has a blue and white enamel flower in-between each link. This blue and white enameling carries on with the pendant, along with green, red, purple, and one larger amber rhinestone. The amber colored rhinestone is raised in the center and white seed pearls surround it. 
The earrings are very similar to the pendant. There is the one larger amber rhinestone in center surrounded by the pearls. The rhinestone above are purple and green. These are clip style earrings.
The earrings are marked: “Made in Western Germany” on the clip. The pendant has the heart shaped plaque that reads: “Amourelle”.

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Eisenberg got his start out making clothing. He would embellish his blouses with brooches, but the ladies were stealing them! So he stopped making clothes and started making jewelry. The company is still in business today. You can date their items, but the mark.

This lovely Fur clip has all prong set rhinestone.  They vary is shape and size, but all are super shiny sparkly!  This fur Clip measures 2 1/2″ long and 2″.   Wonderful condition and marked on the back:  “Eisenberg Original”.



Eisenberg got his start out making clothing. He would embellish his blouses with brooches, but the ladies were stealing them! So he stopped making clothes and started making jewelry. The company is still in business today. You can date their items, but the mark.

This bracelet has a mark from the 1930’s.
The bracelet is just amazing and has the shiniest rhinestones. The many facets capture the light and are brilliant. The measures 8″ long, quite large for a piece this old. All prong set and safety clasp. Well made piece of jewelry



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Vintage Kramer earrings in beautiful shades of blue with aura borealis stones too. All these are a prong set. Center stone is a sculpted leaf with veins. Such detail for such a small item!
These clip style earrings are signed: “Kramer” on the back. They measure about 1 1/2″ in diameter.



Vintage bold blue brooch and clip style earrings. All based in rhodium with the rhinestones being prong set. There is no signature on these lovelies, but they are well made!
The brooch is shaped like a flower with many petals and then there are aura borealis stones jetting out from that. All the stones have many facets and shine brilliantly. This pin measures a little over 2″.
The earrings are clips and follow the line of your ear. This means that there is a “left” and “right”. They measures almost 2″.



Vintage Blue Bracelet that measures 7″. All the stones are there, the center ones are prong set. The bracelet is a “pot metal” that was used in the 1930-40’s because they couldn’t use any sterling (the war was on).
Floral filigree work on the metal. No signature. Tab-style closure.




Very nice vintage set with matching earrings and brooch and all signed: “Lisner” on back. All three pieces are set in rhodium. The clarity to the stones is amazing, the camera does not do it justice!
Oval or Tear -drop shaped brooch that measures about 2″. The earrings are a clip style and measure 1″.

Set 60.00


This item soldWhat a stunning piece. This vintage necklace is sterling silver and embellished with red glass stones and clear prong set rhinestones all among some fabulous filigree work. There is so much detail to this, even the chain is individually linked.
This necklace measures 19″ in length. The pendent measures about 2″ wide and a drop of 1 3/4″. The center has s silver filigree flower that has prong set rhinestones scattered about. The bottom of that has three red glass molded fruit. I am not sure if they are apples or some kind of berry. The light shines through them and they are a soft red, very pretty.
The back of the “pendant ” is marked: ‘STERLING” and so is the chain.



Gorgeous Weiss Brooch and earring set. This vintage set is signed on the back of brooch. Excellent condition with so many faceted stones it was hard to photograph! The shine is truly blinding.
The brooch is a wreath shape or circle pin. It measures 2 1/4″ long. The back is rhodium.
The earrings are clip style and measures a little over 1″. Amazing shine and sparkle to this set!