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Gorgeous gold Miriam Haskell Locket/necklace.  This is on a 18″ individual chain link necklace.  The pendant is quite large and measures 2 1/2″ in length and 1 3/4″ wide.  Nice oval shape and a great size for a picture.  Gold flower on the front that is wire construction.  



Gorgeous Kramer full parure set.  This includes:  Necklace, bracelet, brooch, and earrings.   

Lots of detail to this lovely set.  The necklace has gorgeous gold leaves in the center between the beads and gold spacers in between each bead at the end.  this necklace measures 17″ long and is adjustable.  There are a group of 4 beads attached to the first row that hang down in the center part.  Really nice movement to this piece.  The bracelet follows the same pattern and measures 7″ long.  the earrings are a clip style and have the gold leaf on the back with a group of beads cluster together and also have a bit of movement.  The brooch is 3″ long and has lots of moving beads too!  Just a really fun set for summer!  

Original tags on this set too.  I bet it was never worn by the looks of it.  



Sterling Silver McClelland Barclay Necklace and Earring set.  Wonderful condition and just right in step in the quality that you expect from this designer.  To me this looks like some kind of lily.  The necklace has a lot of thought at how it was put together.  The center pendant is being held by 3 chains and the lily connects to a two strand necklace and finally to the clasp.  The “chain” is actually links and they are all individually  connected.  The earrings are pierced with a “french hook”

McClelland Barclay was best known for his artwork in Hollywood and for General Motors.  He came up with the “Fisher Body Girl” and several posters for the government for the war.  His jewelry company was a short lived business from 1930-42.  He was called to action during WWII and his ship was torpedoed and his untimely death imminent.

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Another great example of McClelland  Barclay Jewelry.  This lovely necklace measures 11 1/2″ total length.  The pendant has 3 red faceted rhinestones that are surrounded by clear rhinestones in an art deco style.

The gold finish is in really nice condition, with very minimal wear.  All the stones are present and have lots of shine to them.  The chain is an individual link construction that is attached  to a small pendant and that also has the larger pendant hanging from it.  Marked on the back:  “McClelland Barclay”.

McClelland Barclay was best known for his artwork in Hollywood and for General Motors.  He came up with the “Fisher Body Girl” and several posters for the government for the war.  His jewelry company was a short lived business from 1930-42.  He was called to action during WWII and his ship was torpedoed and his untimely death imminent.



Vivid and brilliant  colors make up this necklace and bracelet ensemble.  The bracelet has 16 stands of glass beads.  An amazing color combination of green, orange, amber, black, silver, and white pearls.  The  clasp and the findings are all in gold tones.  The bracelet measures 7 1/2″ long.  The clasp on the bracelet is really slick, see the photos below.

The necklace has the graduated multiple strands and the smallest measures 18 1/2″.  The findings on the end of the necklace are rhinestones that are emerald cut (4 on each side).   The necklace is unmarked, but the bracelet is and they undeniably go together.

Eugene Shultz started his jewelry company in 1962 while he was still employed by Miriam Haskell.  His business only survived 10 years.  He is known for his unusual clasps and vivid colors.

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5 strand necklace and clip style earrings all marked “Hobe”.    These are all glass beads that are strung on a silver chain ( I bet it’s sterling).  This has graduated lengths.  The smallest measures 17″ and the longest 25″ .  The clasp and the earrings have the glass beads all hand wired together.  The earrings are clips and measure 1 ” in diameter.   The amber and brown combination reminds me of a leopard print.  Gold tones on the findings.  

Not only is this wonderful set in its original box but there is a business card from the Hobe Jewelry Company, it is also signed on the back:  “Many Thanks and Best Wishes Don. P. Hobe”.  What a suprise find!

A son of master goldsmith Jacques Hobe’ established Hobe’ Cie in Paris in the early 19c.  In 1927 William Hobe’ set up the American Hobe’ Cie in New York.  They were known for supplying theaters and films with their jewelry, including the Ziegfield Follies.

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Well this is also quite a find!  A full parure of Regency Jewelry.  There is a necklace, earrings, brooch, and bracelet to this set.  All prong set, gold plated and the most brilliant colors!  Navette, round, and cabochons stones with an aura borealis finish.  The large cabochons have a copper or gold that is swirled or marbled in them.  All pieces are marked “Regency”.

The necklace measures 16″ long.  The are 7 large cabochons with green and champagne colored rhinestones in between.  The earrings are clip and button style.  They measure 1 /12″ in diameter.  The brooch is “domed” and measures 2 1/2″ in diameter.  The bracelet has as safety chain and is 8 1/2″ long.

All the stones are in excellent condition.  They have many facets and sparkle!!!



Necklace and shoulder duster earrings made by Robert.  Robert is the trademark of the Fashioncraft Jewelry Company, founded in New York in 1942, which changed its name to Robert Originals in 1962.

This is a a lovely combination of pearls and rhinestones at its absolute best!  The detail and workmanship of these pieces is amazing.  The earrings are marked:  “Robert” but there is no signature on the necklace.  They have the same floral design tho.  

The necklace is a double strand of pearls that has a silver floral motif for the pendant.  The necklace measures 15″.  The “shoulder duster” clip dangle earrings measure almost 2 1/2″ long. Again, the detail is just brilliant.  They have  pearls that are all wired into flowers with shiny rhinestones in the center.  The back has a pearl that also hangs in the center, which carries the movement through to the front,  just amazing!

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I just don’t know where to start!!  This is an amazing example of Miriam Haskell Jewelry.  Baroque pearls with the fabulous finish all still intact.  This lovely floral theme necklace has sparkle that the camera can’t capture.  Three colors, red, pink, and a pale pink with gold flower petals and the clasp in the front.  This necklace measures 19″ long.  Four pieces actually make up the floral clasp.  Then they have chains holding them together, so they move freely to the shape of your neck.  All these stones are prong set with the larger ones having a “tiffany prong setting”.   The earrings are clips and are 2 1/2″ long!

The facets in the stones are brilliant and just sparkle!  There are no “dead” stones.

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This gorgeous Juliana set includes earrings and a necklace.  There is a lot going on in this set.  Glad the earrings are with this necklace, it would be hard to match.  The main stones are purple with a black stripe.  In the book they are referred to as “tortoise stones”.  The look like zebra stripes to me.  Hot fuschia pink  with a few aurora borealis stones to pull it all together.  This is really a stunning set.  Clip earrings all prong set stones.

Price at 225.00

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